Even the smallest spark can lead to a chain reaction…
Let’s work together to power change in the world around us.

Getting ready for a amazing 2015 at XOOM Energy

As we kick off 2015 XOOM Energy prepares for our quarterly initiatives for the community. If your organization has ideas or partnerships that XOOM could help you achieve we would love to hear more. Shoot us an email of ideas and let's see what we can all achieve by working together.

XOOM Energy Community Philosophy

As a corporate citizen of communities across the country, XOOM Energy is committed to powering change for the better at a local and national level.  We believe that one of our greatest resources is our collective energy, and we’ve charged ourselves with the task of serving as a conduit for the ideas and actions that will lead to a better tomorrow. 

-  Charitable Contributions

As individuals and an organization, XOOM Energy provides financial/non-financial support to families and communities in need. 

-  Sponsorships

Whether it’s the next big thing, or your local little league, XOOM Energy is proud to partner with individuals, teams and institutions exhibiting positive energy in the areas we service.

-  Volunteering

The XOOM Energy Power Players are an employee based work force that provides skilled/unskilled labor to organizations in need of manpower.  

Click here to find out more about how XOOM is powering change for the better in 2015

Wanna be a Power Player…?

Join XOOM in supporting individuals, organizations and causes that power change for the better in your area.
Contact us let us know about opportunities to participate in charitable giving, sponsorship and events.

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XOOM Energy's past community activity

  • XOOM Energy Charity Work Photo of Tom Ulry
    Collection of gifts for children of military members.
  • XOOM Energy Charlotte Photos
    Employee gift donations for the holidays.
  • XOOM Energy Charity Work Photo of Tom Ulry
    1950's day had the XOOM Energy team in the spirit.
  • XOOM Energy Charlotte Photos
    Jocks and nerds made peace for a good cause.
  • XOOM Energy Charity Work Photo of Tom Ulry
    It took 2 hours and 2 trucks to move the 2013 haul of donations!
  • XOOM Energy Charlotte Photos
    The XOOM Energy team helping the Second Harvest Drivers with the huge haul in 2013
  • XOOM Energy Utility Company Photos
    Over 3500lbs of healthy foods collected by XOOM Energy of Charlotte
  • XOOM Energy Huntersville Photos
    Some employees went past 100lbs of donations this year on their own!



XOOM Energy works hard to lead our community by example!